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General Discussion January 3, 2012 at 2:42 pm

Christmas Tree Disposal

Anyone know how to get DPW to pick up your Christmas tree if you don’t have a treebox?  The city’s going to start collecting trees this week.  DPW’s instructions are to leave the old trees in the treebox in front of your house. I live on a really small street that doesn’t have treeboxes.  Two years in a row, I put out my tree in front of my house for pickup during the tree collection week and, each year, it doesn’t get picked up.  Regular trash and recycling wouldn’t pick it up either.  Is there some magic to this that I’m missing?  Is it ok to take the tree to a different street that does have treeboxes and leave it there?  I wouldn’t take my trash cans and put them in front of someone else’s house on a different street for pickup, but I feel this is different — if the city won’t actually collect trees from my street, then I should be able to leave my tree on a street that does have collections.  Agree?  Other ideas?  Thanks.

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Seems weird to have to be subversive regarding Xmas trees, yes?  Got any abandoned houses near you that you can plop it in front of?  That’s cool, right?

Have you called DPW to ask what to do with your tree since your house doesn’t have a treebox out front?

By treebox they really mean not blocking the sidewalk but where you keep your trash.

Just call citywide call center by dialing 311 and ask them what to do

Thanks. I called DPW and they said to just leave the tree out front. I told them that’s what I always do during the tree collection period but it never gets picked up.  They said it should so I guess I’ll just do that again and hope it gets picked up this time.  If not, that person looking for firewood in another post is welcome to my dead tree. 

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