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Food and Dining January 1, 2015 at 8:22 am

Check your bill at Masa 14

Just hung out with a few friends at Masa14. When I got home, looked at bill and realized the items on it totaled $48.18 but the stated Subtotal was $60.18. Odd. I’d only left the restaurant 10 minutes before so I called and talked to a manager, gave her the bill info and asked her to check it out. She called back ten minutes later and said she’d adjusted it. When I asked her if she could adjust the tip – since I gave a $15 tip based on the supposed $66.20 total – she got a bit of an attitude and pointed out that it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s busy. Not the ideal answer considering I was overcharged by almost $20 (see attached pic). So I simply stated that if she could find time tomorrow to adjust the tip to $10 based on the real $48.10 tab, that would be appreciated. I’m not sure how such an accounting error could occur given that the item totals are clearly stated but just a warning – check your bill at Masa14.

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Update: the charge hit my credit card – no adjustment. The incorrect, inflated bill plus the large tip that I asked be reduced were all charged to my card.

One final update: after I submitted an inquiry on the Masa 14 website after the charge hit my credit card, the Assistant General Manager, Grayson Garbini, contacted me and was absolutely fabulous. He first emailed me when he was out of the office, explaining that he had just become aware of the situation, was not in his office at the moment, but would love to speak with me by phone the following day. I was very impressed at his follow-up despite not even being in the office. He contacted me by phone the next day and was so courteous, professional and efficient. He got to the bottom of the issue right away and completely reversed the negative impression I had as a result of my first couple of attempts to resolve this issue. Very well done.

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