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Cheapest way to heat a small studio apartment

Space heater or turning on the heat?

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Do you have gas or electric heat?
Space heaters are typically rated at 1.5 kW and electric is about 15 cents/kWh so each hour its running a space heat will cost about 23 cents.  Seems cheap but it adds up fast, if you run it for say 8 hours a night it will add $54 to your monthly electric bill.  

Hmmm…I have central electric heat.  But I really only would use either of the two for a couple of hours a day…4-5 max.

Central air should be pretty cheap if the apartment is relatively draft free/insulated. Use the central heat and a programable thermostat. Make sure your windows are well sealed. Only way to tell for sure is to try one month of each and try to make appropriate adjustments for the outside temperature. Use the home heating day numbers for your math.

I use a small space heater that works well for my 500 sqft apartment as long as I close the closet and bathroom doors. My electricity bill has never been over $40.


Seal your windows and the Vornados are great.  You can set the wattage and the temperature.  They heat up a small space pretty quickly.  I use one in my bedroom and the great thing is I can have it blow the air toward me.

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