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Cheap Tailor for a Broken Zipper?

This morning my husband’s zipper “jumped the track” on one side of his dress trousers. While this is normally something I would fix myself, I’m not sure I have enough black thread to finish the job properly by hand and am considering paying to have a tailor do this simple fix instead. Are there any cheap local tailors people have had good experiences with who will do this for a small fee, and approximately how much would it cost? If it’s going to be expensive I’d rather just replace the pants and donate them as they’re old anyway. Thank you!

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Many, if not most (if not all…), cleaners also do stuff like this. Pop into your local dry cleaner and ask.

I recently had some things done at Georgetown Valet, 1100 13th St NW. They did good work and the prices were reasonable. For example, ten bucks to repair a small hole in a velvet jacket, and they did it on the spot.

For some minor things, I take them to the lady of the Dry Cleaning on 14th and Fairmont.

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