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Cheap Movers Needed

I’m picking up a dresser in Eastern Market on Saturday (Craigslist find) and need to have it moved to Dupont Circle. Only problem is, I drive a Honda Civic, and don’t think it will fit (safely) in my car. Any recommendations for this type of furniture moving? Moving companies want to charge hundreds by the hour, and this whole thing should take 45 minutes (plus it’s ONE piece of furniture). As I’m new to the area, was wondering if anyone had a rec for pick-up truck movers or a college kid running a business for extra money.

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What about ZipCar? That’s what I’ve done when I needed to pick something up that wouldn’t fit in my Civic. They have wagons, vans, SUVs.

Do you need one or two people? I did a ton of this in college, and would be happy to help you out. Just a normal guy, with a Honda Element that fits any dresser. Give me a call tomorrow if your interested. I can get a buddy of mine who lives in Dupont to come help out if needed as well.
(202) 400-0223

Absolutely, I like doing these small jobs, and like making a bit of money on the side for caps games and drinks with friends. Feel free to hold onto my number and call/text next time this happens. Happy to use the element, which should save the usual rental for all but the biggest items (dining room hutch etc)


Thanks, all! Ended up going with Zipcar as a friend is helping me out with the heavy lifting. Kyle, will keep you in mind for the future!

Yup! We live in a rowhouse about a mile north of the Metro.

Uber SUVs are also worth exploring.  Uber helped me move a new TV from with no problem – quick, easy, reliable.  

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