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Food and Dining May 4, 2012 at 4:52 pm

Cheap greens in DC?


Anybody have recommendations for a source of cheap greens (especially kale, but collards, spinach, and chard are good too).  I got spoiled by a $1/pound greens stand at my hometown farmers’ market, and while that’s probably hard to find again, I juice (and eat) a LOT of greens, and would love an option that’s cheaper than the average supermarket (or a market that’s cheaper than the $2-$3/bunch price I often see in stores).   
I’m carless, so it must be transit-accessible (and not so far out of DC that the Metro fare would eat up whatever savings on the cost of the greens).

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check out the Capitol City Markets/ Florida Avenue Markets. i’d recommend MS Food Services but you may have to check around. It’s very close to the New York Avenue Metro Station. heres a map of whats there:

Do you care if they’re organic or local or anything? If not, Safeway carries absolutely gigantic bags of kale and collard greens for about $3.50. I think they contain several POUNDS of greens. I don’t know if all Safeway stores carry them, but the one on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan does.

I go to Capitol Market as well.  It’s about $1/pound for various greens, where 1 lb. is about one plastic grocery bag full.  The best bets are Mexican Frutas and Sam Wong.

Need lettuce?  My garden is crazy with the stuff! 

Safeway and Giant in Petworth/Columbia Heights both have them for $1/lb. So did Harris Teeter. I’m surprised you can’t find them for cheaper. Though these are not certified organic. Both are absolutely metro accessible, just a block away.

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