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Travel and Transportation February 20, 2013 at 1:37 pm

changing address/parking zone

I’m moving into a group house that is located in a different zone than where I am living now. There is no lease but I’m going to try and get my name on a utility bill as soon add I move in. However, I’ll have to wait a while to receive that proof of address. How would I go about getting an RPP in the ? Will changing my address online through the DMV site be sufficient or is there anything else I need to do?

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The DMV will send you a new RPP sticker when you change your address through their website online. The last time I moved, it took slightly longer than getting the new drivers license in the mail. I think it took less than a week to get the new license and maybe another 3-5 days to get the RPP sticker. I don’t know if there’s anyway to get a new RPP sticker before you officially change your address with the DMV, but I doubt it.

I did this when I moved.  You can do the change of address on the DMV’s website, but you have attach a proof of address along with your online application (a utility bill or something).  Like honey_badger, it took about a week to get my new lcense and a few more days until I got my new RPP sticker. 
In the meantime, you can get a visitor’s parking pass from the police station if one of your housemates have some kind of proof of address for your new parking zone.  They show their DC license or mail with your new address and they can get you a visitor parking pass for your new parking zone.  The passes are good for 2 weeks but you can go back after 2 weeks and get another one if you need more time. 

It shouldn’t be a problem if you already have DC tags.  I also had DC tags, I just moved from one parking zone to another.  Did my change of address on the DMV website and they mailed me a new license and parking permit a week or so later.  While I was waiting, I took my new lease and got a vistor’s permit for myself so I could park in my new parking zone.

^+1 … definitely go get a visitor’s pass. It’s very easy. You just need a resident of that zone with a driver’s license (and make sure you know your plater number)

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