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Home and Garden March 20, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Ceiling Fan Installation

My husband and I are would like to have ceiling fans installed in our rowhouse.  If others have had this done, what was the cost for installation?  Can anyone recommend someone to do this type of work?

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I just typed a long DIY post, which apparently got lost when I was required to log in.  Anyway, these are not hard to install.  You just need to get a support bar that goes in your ceiling between the joists above the electrical box.  I think Home Depot sells them.  I’ve done four.

If you need a new box and reinforcement for the weight, it shouldn’t be more than $100.  We had fans installed by our general contractor’s electrician, along with a bunch of other work, and were billed $65 per installation.  I know that we appreciated paying $65 for the peace of mind of knowing that it wouldn’t fall on our heads in the middle of the night!

I had my problems with the electrical installation for one of these, but that was because there was no cabling in that area of the ceiling for it, mounting the support thing wasn’t a problem though, if it’s already prepared for the electrics then it should cost you more than 100 I guess.

If you already have a light fixture there I think any decent handyman should be able to do them for $75-$100 each.  I am unable to recommend anyone specific though.

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