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Family November 5, 2014 at 2:40 pm

Cat ISO Warm Loving Home!

Dear Popville,

I know this is a long shot – there are so many great felines in need of a loving home out there! But I have to try in hopes someone may be looking for a great new best friend. There is a colony of feral cats outside my work building who we (and other businesses) feed regularly. The whole colony has gone through trap-neuter-release (they all have clipped ears). One cat, however, is not feral in the least. I’ve named him Buddy Cat (I’m pretty sure it’s a boy). He’s wonderfully affectionate, loves being petted, comes when called, and is great with all of the other cats (he’s never aggressive and head butts them all affectionately). On chilly days I sit on the ground with him and he sits in my lap and purrs and kneads. This cat needs to get off the streets and into a loving warm home where he doesn’t have to beg for food!

I already have two cats and a dog in a rented home (and I’m allergic to cats!), so there’s no room at my inn for Buddy Cat. But as the weather starts to change, I hate to think of another cold winter where he’s out in the street fending for himself – he needs a warm lap to curl up in, as he keeps proving each day in my own lap. Please let me know if you or anyone you know would like to make a forever friend out of him(/her?)! I don’t know where else to look for a home for him, and have been asking around with friends without luck. Please help, Popville!
Email me at kyrotramel (at)

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Maybe you could bring him to the Washington Humane Society or Washington Animal Rescue League where he might have a better shot at getting adopted. I would take him, but I already have a dog and two cats as well. Hope he finds a good home!

We have thought about doing that, but I’m certain he’s more comfortable in his surroundings now (what he knows to be his surroundings his whole life) rather than going through the stress of being in the shelter for an unknown amount of time. I was hoping to find a home for him/her more organically rather than going the shelter route so the transition from outside to an inside home will be easier for Buddy Cat.

If anyone wants to meet Buddy Cat, s/he can be found in NE DC in the Woodridge neighborhood!

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