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Public Safety October 12, 2012 at 2:40 pm

Car vandalism on the Hill

I live a few blocks from Eastern Market. Sometime in the last 36 hours, the vent window of my car was smashed, then the doors were unlocked and the car was searched. They left my (really old) GPS, but took my Apples to Apples game (!).
I called my insurance company to file a glass claim, but because I have a higher deductible than the cost of the repair, I shelled out $180. The guy who fixed my window says this has happened a lot in that area lately, and that the police DO know about it.
My question is, though, is there a way to get more patrols in our neighborhood? I have no interest in paying $200 every few weeks because some idiot thinks they can steal a board game from me and get away with it every time.

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Maybe the cops should switch to using apples to apples in their bait cars.
In all seriousness, though, I think this is a question best posed to your local MPD listserv.

Did you file a police report?  That makes sure the data is there.  One incident isn’t going to mobilize a major change, but a large increase will get more attention.
Also, bring it up with your local police PSA.  Go to a meeting, or write the listserv.

I’m not sure if there is much you can do other than make sure to leave absolutely nothing in you car. I’ve had my car broken into once and stolen twice (recovered each time) and the only good part about it is that I don’t leave anything in there (except the stereo front plate which I remove each time and store in the glove compartment) The last time it was stolen it even had the club on it. If they want to get into your car and rummage or steal it outright, they are going to do it.

I live nearby and my vent window also was smashed recently (the car was empty, so there was nothing for them to take). The MPD District 1 listserv noted a couple other similar instances of this a week or so back. The same thing happened to this vehicle last year and I’ve come to believe that the $175 it costs to replace that back vent window is simply one of the yearly costs of having a car in the city and in our neighborhood. It’s intensely frustrating.

I also have a mazda and was recently broken into about a month ago, the vent window as well.  And, happened last year around this time too.  I filed reports for both of them, but agree it seems to be an annual cost of living here!

I think we should arm ourselves and shoot them on sight…

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