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Travel and Transportation June 24, 2014 at 9:37 am

Car Sharing

What are people’s thoughts on car sharing company’s access to public parking? According to the Car2Go DC website (, Car2Go trips can be ended (parked indefinitely until the next customer rents the car) at:
Inside the car2go Home Area (District of Columbia)
Public space
Non-restricted spaces

I understand this is a service that many DC residents use because it is not practical or affordable for them to own a car. The question then is how much do these companies pay DC for access to public parking? It seems that that their business model relies on assured and readily available parking. As a DC taxpayers, are we subsidizing this private company, or is the city also profiting (thereby lowering our taxes)? Admittedly, I do not use these services, which does influence my opinion.

Is the rate they pay equivalent to a taxi medallion? Are they subsidized at the same rate as other public transportation options, such as WAMTA?

Apparently, Car2Go cars can park in metered parking for free (to the customer). From their website FAQs:
3. Do I need to feed the meters?
No, Metered/pay station curbside parking is free and “legal” as long as it is NOT:
located on a Rush Hour restricted street
Handicap Space
Outside the home area

How much does the reimburse the city for otherwise lost income?

What are everyone’s thoughts?

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Car2Go pays DC about $3,000 per car, per year for parking.

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