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Car Registration


Just moved into the area and need to register my car. It has valid tags and stickers from my old state right now. I have proof of insurance with my DC address. From what I understand, I need to take my car and proof of insurance to the inspection center on Half Street. Once it (hopefully) passes inspection I then go to my nearest Service Center (Rhode Island) for me, then pay applicable fees to get new plates and a license.

Did I get this right? Any steps out of order? Please let me know, I’d like to bang this out in one day, not multiple days.


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I did this whole rigamarole in May, and found this link to be VERY helpful:

It walks you through what you’re trying to do, what you need, and won’t let you move on to the next item until you’ve selected the documents you have.

For my license, I needed my passport, out-of-state license, proof of DC residency (cable bill), and SS card (have to have proof of SS). For your car, you need proof of insurance, proof of inspection, and your title (must transfer your title from the state you bought your car).

If you have all the items required, the whole thing takes less than 30 mins. I recommend getting to the DMV an hour before it opens, I got there 45 mins early and was roughly fifth in line. Good luck!

I believe you need to get a DC drivers license first, as it is required to register your car. Its my understanding that the steps are:
1. Get DC License
2. Get car inspected
3. Register car and get DC tags

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