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Public Safety November 20, 2014 at 12:02 pm

Car Break-in on 11th and U

Hey Folks –

Just wondering if anyone has noticed increased car break-ins in the area? I have some video footage from the cameras that were on the house my car was parked in front of, and I’m wondering if it might be helpful. Around 2am on 11/14 my window was smashed and my computer was stolen (I know, I know, it shouldn’t have been in there, but I will say, it was NOT visible.. on the floor under a pile of gradebooks. Lucky thief). Any leads would be appreciated.


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I have definitely seen an increase in Shaw. A couple of weeks ago, I saw two separate incidents of people dealing with broken car windows in my neighborhood. One was at 10th and O St (witnessed victim speaking with cops around 6pm) and the other on O St between 11th and 12th (witnessed victim dealing with cops at 8am)

car broken into at 3460 14th st nw. Labtop also stolen. All happened within 15-30 minutes of being parked.


Definitely been on an uptick. My neighbors and I around 13th and R have been having an epidemic of break-ins lately. The best you can do to protect yourself is definitely, definitely don’t leave anything even remotely valuable in the car other than maybe in the trunk. Not even for ten minutes. Not even in broad daylight; it doesn’t seem to matter. You should file police reports and include the videos and the serial numbers of anything stolen (if you aren’t tracking that in a spreadsheet, you should be; if you have a Macbook you bought directly from Apple, they can give your serial after the fact), but I wouldn’t expect anything to come of it. You could consider filing a home insurance claim. And I guess a car insurance claim if you have comprehensive insurance, but window repair is frequently not covered and probably under your deductible anyway (I think I paid $200 for expedited window replacement service last time this happened).

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