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PoPville February 8, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Can’t Adopt a Kitten Because I Work 9-5?

Hi PoPville,
I am in the process of looking for a kitten to adopt, so I got in contact with PetConnect Rescue ( in Potomac, MD about potentially taking in a 4-month old tabby. 
However, when I spoke to a representative on the phone, I was told that I was not suited to adopt a kitten up to 6-months old because I work 9-5 (truly, 9-5). Has anyone ever been told a similar thing or experienced likeminded problems with PetConnect Rescue? I had cats almost all my life and I had never heard of such a policy.
Any insight from PoP-ers would be great!

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That’s sounds pretty ridiculous. I’d check out Washington Humane Society–my boyfriend and I adopted two 4-month old kittens from the Georgia Ave spot, and they had no issue with our work schedules (7 am – 6 pm away from home). I would recommend getting two kittens though–one kitten by itself all day is going to get incredibly bored, keep you up all night, and wreck your furniture if it doesn’t have a playmate. Good luck!!


I think it was Emily Yoffe who just wrote about this in Slate. Craziness.

Thanks for weighing in! I think going the Humane Society route is probably the best thing. It’s just too bad that this is the kind of message PetConnect Rescue is sending to urban professsionals about adopting.
Ew – is this the article you’re referring to?


Yes it is. I wish you good luck! Although I rescued my then-kitten-now-cat off the street sans bureaucracy, I don’t think shelters should be denying happy homes to animals just because their people have regular employment. I’m sure your future kitten(s) will be very doted on just as mine is!

I guess they only let homeless people and the elderly adopt kittens?
If you are set on using this rescue group you coulod probably lie and say you have an unemployed live-in boyfriend, or that you plan on hiring a petsitter to be with the cat during the day.
But yeah, that’s a crazy policy. If a dog can be alone all day a cat certainly can.

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for weighing in. Yeah, my initial reaction was that the policy was strange so it’s good to be hearing the same from other folks like yourself. The funny thing is, I told her that I had roomates who were students who would be home during the day from time to time, but the representative scolded me and said that I, as the primary owner, should be at-home with the kitty most of the day. Then she said that my inclination to get a kitten, rather than an older cat, was “not in the best interests of the pet.” It was all very unexpectedly judgmental and weird.


It is not in the best interests of the pet to be in a shelter or foster home long-term rather than with a loving person who can support the pet’s needs financially (by working!) and emotionally (by bonding over a long period of time). Jeez.

Amen, sista.
I think someone already posted this article. I also had a similar experience. After falling in love with a tortie kitty online I called the shelter about meeting the cat and the lady blabbed for an hour about how I feed my cat the wrong food and how I am awful for getting her declawed and that she probably doesn’t behave correctly because I did get her declawed. First of all, I rescued my cat who had been abandoned with her brother at about 4 weeks in a cardboard box. Second of all, she is the sweetest most loving animal in the world and the day I got her declawed she came home, chewed off her bandages immediately, and went on about her business (aka fighting/playing with her brother). 
By the way, that particular cat is still up for adoption……6 months later.

Don’t even pay attention to this garbage. It is a cat, they are super independent.. 8 hours? Come on. My parents go to their river house for a three day weekend, and they have someone stop by on Sunday just to make sure there is food in the bowls and water, thats all they need! They just sleep all day anyways! I would definitely check out WARL, that’s where we got our baby girl (hound mix) she is the best, and my wife and I both work full-time, but they recognized that we were good people, and would give her a loving home, and we got to take her home!

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