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Can You Report a Troubled Property?

I’ve been asking around about this, but thought I would post on POPville, as crowdsourcing the question couldn’t hurt. So here goes.

We live on a block that mostly consists of apartment buildings, the 2+2 w/ central staircase-type, not uncommon in DC. They’re mostly well kept and there aren’t any problems with any of them, except fo the one right across the street.

Between the 4 units in this building, 3 of them are rented by at least one drug dealer and a bunch of younger guys that mostly loiter around drinking, smoking weed, dropping trash everywhere, drawing in other people to loiter and buy drugs, etc, etc, etc…

I’ve written a police luitenant in our district who hasn’t responded. I also approached our ANC Reps (who sent me to the police). They weren’t very helpful. What I want to know is whether or not there’s a District agency that I can report the building/tennants to that could get the ball rolling on a solution. I was thinking there must be some sort of housing authority for market rate apartments (this isn’t section-8) that keeps up on things like this.

Honestly, we’re feeling kind of helpless regarding the issue. I don’t want to give up on it, but we’re genuinely stuck. Has anyone on POP dealt with something like this? What options are there?

Thanks in Advance!


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If the lieutenant you wrote didn’t respond, try contacting the commander for the district.

If there’s a lot of trash around that’s not being picked up, you could try reporting that to DCRA.

You can search the tax records to find out who the landlord is and complain to him/her anonymously, but from what’s going on at that property, it sounds like he/she probably doesn’t care.

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