Can you help us find our old dog?

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Topic: Can you help us find our old dog?

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Can you help us find our old dog?

Our dog, Blue, went missing from the Brightwood/Manor Park/Tacoma area on Thursday, March 15. He is a grey/blue pit bull/mastiff mix with a white bib. He is a neutered male, about 7 years old and 60 pounds. He has two shaved spots on his rump, skin tags on his belly, and a small tear at the tip of his left ear. He is heartworm positive and needs medicine. Cash reward being offered for his safe return. 225-229-3809.

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Have you read this Washington Humane Society lost pet tips page?  It has good information:

Did you get him back yet 🙁 ? If not I hope you can get him back in good health 🙂

Blue is still missing. Please keep an eye out for him!

Blue was returned to us last night!!! A wonderful man was caring for him and saw one of our posters!! What a wonderful community we live in! Thanks to everyone who reached out and helped look for him. We are whole again.

Hi Kate:

I know you got your dog back but your post popped up while I was looking at dog pics. I must have an off-spring of your dog because he looks just like my baby who coincidentally is also named Blue. He was a rescus and he’s about 4 yrs old. I’d happily share a pic with you if you happen to read this post. Keep well and happy to hear your dog is back with you (I know I’m a few years late) 🙂

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