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Art December 9, 2011 at 4:54 am

Camera and Photography Classes?

There are some really incredible photographers here in POP-ville- I would love some advice from them and others (of course, you don’t have to be an awesome photographer to respond!).
My husband takes great photos with our point-and-shoot but really wants move-up to a “real” camera and learn about using the camera to it’s fullest. Any advice on great entry-level (I don’t want to spend a fortune) cameras from you guys? Any advice on where to buy here in DC? I’ve done tons of online research but would love to hear from people here.
Also, does anyone know of any good places that offer great classes (for a decent price) on gertting acquainted with a new camera/learning how to use all the functions?

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Penn Camera has classes for different aspects of photography, check their website. I’ll be happy to have coffee with your husband and talk about cameras; I’ve bought a couple of DSLRs on Craig’s list (i.e.😉 that can help him get used to all the functions until he buys “the real one” 😀  [email protected]


I have a nice, somewhat fancy Canon camera that I got as a gift a few years back and never use.  You’re welcome to have it if you’re willing to pick it up.  I live in Logan and work near Metro Center.  

My advice is to buy used. I got my DSLR, along with an telephoto lens, 2 spare batteries, and carrying bag for $400. It’s a few years old but it’s been a great learning camera.
Personally, I don’t think classes are necessary (I learned everything from library books and photography blogs/websites) but there are a lot of “Intro to DSLR” classes available right after the holidays. Sometimes they’re even tailored to a patricular popular camera. Also, I might be wrong about this but I think Penn Camera throws in a class for free if you buy from them. Has classes in Bethesda. Has classes in Bethesda.

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