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Buying in North Michigan Park?


We are considering buying a home in North Michigan Park. It is about .7 miles from the Ft. Totten metro & .9 to the new development (walking distance during nice weather & daylight.) It is not far from the Mcdonalds & Faith United Church of Christ off of South Dakota.

The area generally appears to be middle class families. The homes & yards seem overall well cared for but, it is harder to tell in the winter. No broken down cars around or junk pilled high in any of the neighbors yards. I looked at the crime reports and over all it seems reasonably safe.

Just looking for feed back on the area. Is the neighborhood fairly active and family friendly? A good mix of ethnic and economic backgrounds? Schools? How are the parks & rec centers?

I would think with the Fort Totten Development more restaurants might be coming in to the area. As well as other services?


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It’s not terribly walkable, but is getting better. Very mixed in all respects. Fairly safe, but I myself probably would not walk that distance from the Metro at night just because it’s still pretty deserted. Neighborhood schools are not good, but there are some good charters (namely Stokes and Washington Latin) a short drive away (if you can get into them – the odds are not really in your favor). Turkey Thicket is a fairly new rec center nearby, and has a nice pool. For what you pay it’s not a bad place to be (it’s been changing a lot, but my impression is $300’s for a fixer and $500’s for a nicely renovated place near the Metro). But I’d probably take a livable fixer around H St, Hill East, Petworth, or Brookland over a renovated place in Michigan Park if you’re in the high $400’s-low $500’s price range – I think the Ft Totten area is going to take a LONG time to really develop on the same scale as those places.

I think it’s fine as far as safety goes. It’s still one of those undiscovered places, so you can still get a good deal on a house there. You have all the development at Ft Totten, and you have access to 3 metro line. If you like the house, I would say go for it.

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