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Real Estate March 1, 2016 at 1:27 pm

Buying a house/condo in DC(2009)

Hi guys!!!

Awesome website.
I moved to DMV area last year, i live in Maryland right now, but I am in love in DC right now, especially Adams Morgan area. I am reading a lot of materials about purchasing a home. I pay $1,500 in rent currently.Do you think it is possible to buy a house/condo when a person makes about $50K?
Is it possible to get something in Adams Morgan or Petworth? What are some of the good neighborhood to be in right now?
I do not want a brand new home. I am interested in something that can be renovated, a flip house could be a great option. How do you find houses like that? Do you go around the neighborhood and ask old granmams if they are selling their house? haha
Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Lots of love,


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