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Bunion surgery

I am researching bunion surgery/podiatrists in DC. I am leaning toward Dr. Beiser, and have seen Dr. Osterman, but I am open to other suggestions. Has anyone had successful surgery in DC that is willing to share their story? Thanks!

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Dr. Beiser performed my bunion and hammer toe surgery about four years ago and I highly recommend him. I still see him for check ups.

Dr. Beiser did my hammertoe surgery in 2009. Results were not very good aesthetically or functionally: my toes do not look good and I developed a huge bunion on the same foot within a year. An orthopedic surgeon that I subsequently saw, told me that there were preventative measures (for the bunion) that should have been discussed.

Thank you both for your comments. Fritz, did you have surgery with permanent pins or the dissolvable pins? Lilo – I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with Dr. Beiser. How did he respond when you returned with your complaints?

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