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Bulk Trash Left Out Too Long

Someone on my street in Shaw has left a mattress out front (first on their lawn, now on the sidewalk leaning against their stone wall) a mattress for at least 3 weeks now. I submitted an online request to 311 with the address of this home requesting immediate removal of this mattress and also requesting that, if they don’t remove it, to fine the residence until it has been disposed of. The street I live on is very nice, with mostly owner-occupied row houses and well cared for residences with landscaped front yards. It’s not the type of street that I’ve ever seen bulk trash items left about. I was pretty embarassed walking visiting family members to see my home only to have to pass by a home with a mattress thrown haphazardly over the bushes of this person’s home. Is there a better way to contact the city for this other than 311? Also, for anyone suggesting I knock on the door myself–I get home very late and don’t really want a confrontation if the person isn’t nice about it. I’d rather have the city deal with it than risk pissing off a shitty neighbor.

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I had the same issue with my neighbors not too long ago.  In addition to my 311 service request, I followed-up with Anita Chavis and Ms. Hedgeman in DPW.  Not that they wanted to hear from me the several times I called but the mattress that sat against my fense for a month was finally removed.  If you call 311, they should be able to give you the direct #s for the DPW staff that could help. 

I might have to call 311 on my neighbors soon for something similar. 
According to DPW’s page on bulk trash collection — http://dpw.dc.gov/DC/DPW/Services+on+Your+Block/All+Services/Bulk+Trash+Collection — when you call for bulk trash pickup, an appointment is usually available within 7-10 days.  So I guess I’ll give the neighbors another 9 days (in case they did actually schedule a bulk trash pickup) and then call.
There are other people on my street who don’t seem to be aware that yard waste is supposed to go in the same spot as regular trash (see http://dpw.dc.gov/DC/DPW/Services+on+Your+Block/All+Services/Yard+Waste+Collection ).  They leave it in front of their houses and it just sits there.

Try calling it in as illegal dumping. That usually gets picked up very quickly and the house is fined.

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