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General Discussion July 17, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Building a Parking Space

I would like to have a concrete parking pad installed behind my home. Most of the houses on my block have old storage sheds in the back of their yards, but mine was removed and now I just have uneven dirt and gravel. Can anyone recommend a guy/company they used and were happy with? Also, can anyone give me an idea of the general cost of such a project?

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I’d encourage you to look into pervious pavers. It’s better for the environment. But also I can say as someone who is looking to buy a home and doesn’t own a car and likes to garden, a big, ugly piece of concrete in place of a backyard are a real turn-off.

There are granite chips you can use but I cannot recall the name -perhaps it is ‘decomposed granite’ – not sure. Anyway, this stuff, when packed down with a roller, gets really packed in tight and is a really nice surface. However, it might be suitable for a slope nor for parking on.

I have blue stone slabs in my backyard instead of concrete – the cost was less than concrete, and it looks a bazillion times better. You can get this installed from landscapers as well as stone/driveway firm.

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Funny, we bought out place for the exact reason dcgirl warns about.

That being said, if I had a choice I would have done pervious pavers myself.

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