Brick repair vs. Siding for rear exterior wall of row house?

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Topic: Brick repair vs. Siding for rear exterior wall of row house?

Home and Garden October 1, 2012 at 1:55 pm

Brick repair vs. Siding for rear exterior wall of row house?

The rear exterior brick wall of our rowhouse is looking pretty terrible.  No major structural damage or leaking (although you can see from the pictur that our chiminey is in pretty bad shape), but lots of old brick and mortar starting to fall apart. 
I was originally thinking about hiring a company to repair the brick, but the cost to re-point brick seems pretty high.  I am honestly looking for a 10-15 year solution, not a 50-100 year solution. 
Has anyone had any luck in mortaring over their brick wall to stablize it and improve how it looks?  And how about siding…does anyone recommend that as a solution? 
I am also curious to know what people have paid for these services, and if they’d recommend a company or individual.  
Thanks in Advance!

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This is the OP…I forgot to mention that I’ve also heard that stucco is a decent option…anyone out there have an experience or estimate with this?  Thanks. 

Try getting an estimate from Terry Sellheim.  The estimate I got from him was much more reasonable than the estimates I got from two other companies.
I would vote brick repair over siding… putting siding over something that used to be brick looks cheap and will affect your resale value.

I also recommend repointing.  I had the back wall of my house repointed (2 stories) by Edgar’s for $8,000.  They did a fantastic job and the house looks so much better.  The process was not overly messy, either.  I know you say you’re looking for a 15-20 year solution, but lesser options probably won’t last that long.  It’s so satisfying to have a job done and to know it will likely outlast me.


Repoint, hands down.  Siding is crap.  Renaissance Development did the entire front of my house plus rebuilt a chimney for under 7K.  My front facade was in terrible shape, and now it could not look better.  The bright white mortar against the paint stands out and looks incredible.  

We did a stucco coating over the back of our house, which also had been in really bad shape (with leaking). Couldn’t be happier with it now. They were able to tint it to the color I selected, and the wall is finally flat, as opposed to slightly lumpy from the patches that had been there before. I think it was about $7500 to clean up and stucco the back wall of our rowhouse and repaint the side brick wall, which was in pretty good shape.

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