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Schools and Education January 9, 2012 at 1:12 pm

Box tops for education

I’ve just started clipping these box top coupons in the hope of directing them toward a needy DC public school. However, not being a parent or knowing a child in the DCPS, I’m wondering whether the DC schools participate in the program (the Box Top website didn’t seem to have a lot of info unless I went ahead and registered).
Does anyone collect or know where to direct collections of box top for education clippings?

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I’m not sure about Box Tops — but here’s something else that you can do! If you register your Safeway/Giant/Harris Teeter membership cards for particular schools, then a portion of the procedes when you shop there will go toward the schools!
I found out the information on the Ross Elementary website here: 


The Easter Seals center at 13th & Girard is participating.  It isnt a “needy DC public school,” but they do good work there and every bit helps.

If you’re referring to those little cardboard things on tissue/cereal etc. boxes then I just dropped off a bagful at:

West Education Campus
1338 Farragut Street NW
Washington DC 20011
Phone 202-576-6226

They have a collection box right in the lobby, next to the guard’s desk. Don’t know how they fit into the DCPS needy-ness pyramid, but they at least knew what I was talking about when I called, unlike my local establishment -Shaw Junior High.

Shepherd Elementary
7800 14th St NW
(just take them to the office)

and Latin American Montessori Bilingual (LAMB)
1375 Missouri Ave.
(leave at the front desk)

HD Cooke Elementary School 2524 17th Street NW.  There’s a box you can drop them in at the main office.  Also stop by Harris Teeter while you’re there and register your card for the school.

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