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Books and Literature June 28, 2014 at 4:53 pm


I have two boxes of books with everything from airport fiction to Stephen Jay Gould, paperbacks and hard copies. Any suggestions as to what to do with them? I’ve recycled out-of-date travel books and crates of magazines, but I’d really like to find a home for at least some of these keepers. I am moving from a large house to a much smaller condo and just can’t bring all of the books with me.

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Donate them to – They have a semi-permanent pop-up at 17th and L, NW to raise money for their organization – Not only do your books end up in the hands of someone that will enjoy them, but it will also raise money for the organization and help DC public school kids!


You can also leave some of them in a Little Free Library! It’s a fun way to share good books with your neighborhood. There’s a couple in DC:

There’s also a free library at Petworth Citizen. You can donate books in the bins in the Reading Room in back, and take any books that you’d like home with you.

I donated a ton of books to Books for America ((202) 835-2665), who came and picked them up. As long as they’re in good shape (i.e. not ripped apart), they’ll take them off your hands!

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