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Sports and Fitness January 18, 2012 at 9:29 am

Biking group that isn’t so intense?


I’m looking for a road biking group that does longer weekend rides that doesn’t wear matching spandex, aka a group that isn’t intense.
I’ve looked around at a few of the local bike shops but even their weekend rides are for road warriors. I’m looking to just get out and ride and not worry about pace.
Or, if other PoP readers are interested in starting a non-intense weekend riding group, that’s cool too!

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Have you checked out Bicycle Space (459 I [eye] ST NW)? They have Saturday and Sunday morning rides with various levels, and they are really nice people. I especially enjoy the Saturday morning Cupcake Ramble; it’s a fun, probably intermediate-level ride, often with a stop for treats! 

I’ve been wondering the same thing.  Please share what you find out.  I’d also be interested in a good long group ride (minus the super intensity and spandex).  Thanks


Thanks! I’ll try out Bicycle Space 🙂

This also seems like a great opportunity for you to try and organize such an outing.  PoP might be a perfect place to do just that.  I know that as a biker in a similar position I’d be interested if somebody were to take the initiative.

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