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Public Safety March 14, 2012 at 4:28 pm

bikes on the sidewalk

What is the etiquette about riding a  bike on the sidewalk? I feel that it’s not okay. I’ve nearly been run over on more than one occasion lately and frankly in supprised at how rude bikers sometimes are. They seem to think they have the right of way or something. I’ve been forced to move asside in order to avoid being run over. This in spite of the fact that there happened to be a bike lane a few feet away. I ride my bike a lot and I never ride on the sidewalk if I can help it, and if I do I always make sure that I’m not being agressive and in fact stop and or move out of the way in an effort to allow pedestrians the ROW. I would love to hear some feed  back on this subject.

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Yes, this is a much talked about subject, I think. Legally, as derekb said, biking on the sidewalk is not legal in the CDB, but outside of that it’s OK.
As for etiquette: I feel like that’s a quaint concept at this point. It sounds like you’re considerate when you bike on sidewalks – my feeling is that there’s room for both cyclists and pedestrians on the sidewalks but generally cyclists should move carefully (and yield) when around pedestrians. But ultimately, many folks in this town just do what they want and come up with their own justifications – that goes for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers no matter where they are.

Sidewalks are for people, not bikes. I’ve been riding a bike every day for a decade, and on the rare occasions when I hop up onto a sidewalk I try to be as invisible and unobtrusive as possible. If it’s a narrow sidewalk, and there are people on it, and you simply must be on it with your bike, then get off and push your bike.


Not many people follow etiquette for this, I think. I understand how some people may want to bike on the sidewalks- and that’s fine with me, as long as they try to not run over pedestrians. The ones that really kill me are the ones that ride their bikes on the sidewalks when there are bike lanes (i.e. 15th St around R). Come on.

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