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Announcements November 13, 2014 at 4:05 pm

Bike Stolen From 16th and W


Overnight, someone ran through the garage of my apartment and stole some bikes and a bunch of tires, maybe for mischief night? Who knows, but anyway, in the off chance that anyone spots a maroon-ish Nishiki Sebring with black handlebar tape, a red light on the back and a black one on the front – it’s stolen! There are some photos here as well. Anyone else have anything snagged or was my apartment alone in being unlucky?

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This was a while ago, but I had my bike snatched from my garage on 8th and Webster nw a few months ago. I should have just taken it into the house. In any case, lesson learned. Got a new bike, and I now keep it locked up, in the house, and out of sight. A little dirt tracked through the house is worth it to keep that thing safe.

You probably did this already, but in case you haven’t – go file a police report. Chances are slim they’ll be able to find your bike, but it’s better than nothing (esp. if you have your serial number handy). Best of luck finding your bike!

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