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Travel and Transportation April 2, 2012 at 7:59 pm

Bike Questions

I just moved to Columbia Heights (Lamont St) Thursday, and I am reasonably confident that my bike was stolen today. There isn’t really anywhere for me to keep it inside so it had been locked, with a pretty darn good lock I might add, to a light pole in front of my house. It is possible that someone from the City or the utility company removed it as well, but the end result is the same – the bike is gone.
I am curious to hear your opinions on my options from here. Recovering it would be kinda nice, I don’t have much hope of getting it back because I haven’t registered it anywhere and despite knowing quirks and distinctive markings, I don’t know the serial number or anything like that. 
Moving forward, although I cannot deny the convenience of the CaBi system, I am reluctant to spend money on a membership because dislike the CaBi bikes so much. They are heavy, clunky, and uncomfortable for me to ride. I am considering replacing the bike (which, to be fair, was starting to show some clear signs of wear) but not particularly eager to spend money on this given that finding a place to store the bike is evidently pretty tough.
Any opinions you guys have on whether I should report the bike missing (and how to do so without a registration), CaBi memberships, bike storage, and bike shops that sell at very reasonable prices would all be most welcome.
FWIW, it was a 10+ year old red and black Schwinn that I used recreationally. I have no idea the model or size.

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Your bike was stolen.  It doesn’t matter what type of lock you have, you can’t leave bikes locked up outside overnight.  I’m just being honest here; don’t buy another bike unless you are able to keep it in your home.  Two real choices you have.  CaBi or buy a bike and keep it in your home.


I agree with ontarioroader. If you leave a bike outside in Columbia Heights, it will be stolen. If you absolutely must leave a bike outside, lock it up somewhere that’s not visible (putting it in front of your house on the street is practically an invitation for some bored individual to try to steal it) and use at least two different types of locks. If you insist on getting a new bike and leaving it outside, be aware that it’s only going to be a matter of time until you have to replace it again.

Have you thought about getting a foldable bike that you could take inside? They come in many price ranges and styles and some are likely available used on Craigslist or eBay.

I can’t keep a bike inside my place in Columbia Height (no room and too many stairs for me to deal with), so I don’t own one. I wouldn’t lock one outside.
I recommend Capital Bikeshare–which I use frequently–for people who want to use biking the way they would use public transportation. I see bikeshare as another transportation option in my arsenal when deciding how to get somewhere–I choose between bike, bus, or metro depending on time of day, where I’m going, and the weather. If you want to use a bike more for exercise or exploring, I would get your own bike. Also, if you plan on 100% relying on a bike to commute, don’t rely on bikeshare. I live in Columbia Heights and can usually get one if I leave the house by 8AM, but if I’m running late, I have to take the bus as all the bikes are gone. Same when I have to work late.

Get one of them there fixies. They are light so you can carry it inside. Otherwise, man up and get a CaBi membership. Or better yet, get an SUV.

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