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Travel and Transportation October 25, 2012 at 11:10 am

Bicycle Wheel Theft Farragut West 10-24-12

Hi All! I was just curious if anyone saw anything suspicious yesterday at Farragut West yesterday at 18th and I Street NW between 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. I had a very sad birthday surprise when I left my office for lunch to see my front wheel had been stolen from my bicycle. I do lock my wheels about 50% of the time, but will do it more now knowing that a thief is in the area. I advise all cyclists to lock your wheels, especially if you bike and leave your bicycle outside in this neighborhood. Also any suggestions of where to search for stolen wheels, Craigslist? Thanks POP community. Pictured below is my bike and the missing wheel. 

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I have no recommendations, but wanted to mention that its happening over near McPherson Sq. too.  Saw two bikes in three days on 15th Street (both south and north of Mass) that were missing their rear wheels.  I’m assuming owners weren’t taking them off themselves and leaving their chains lumped on the ground.  

Thanks for the heads up!! I kept my eye out for similar bikes on my walk from Farragut to Q Street NW to Bike Rack, but didn’t see any other bikes with similar issues. I’m guessing my bicycle was targeted, and the thief definately knew what they were looking for. 


Although not as effective as a u-lock, a good alternative is getting locking skewers.

Hey pancake,

I actually saw your wheel. I park my scooter everyday at the northeast corner of I and 19th. When I got out of work at 615pm on the 24th, a single bicycle front wheel was leaning against my scooter. I removed the wheel and leaned it against the gate that surrounds the plants and trees on the sidewalk that abuts International Square, thinking that someone would probably come looking for it. When I parked my scooter at the same spot on Thursday morning, the bike wheel was gone.

You might want to ask the International Square facilities mgmt if they found a wheel. Their security guards are pretty consistent about making rounds outside the perimeter building to make sure that all doors are properly closed and locked, that no suspicious packages are around, etc. they might have grabbed the wheel and taken it inside, since it was on International Square property.

Hey Zero Sum! Thanks for the heads, up! I wonder how it got across the street? I’ll stop by post hurricane and see if I can track it down.

No problem! Now I regret not taking it home with me! I considered taking it, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of strapping it down onto my gear rack.

Hopefully you’ll find it or be able to get a replacement rather cheaply.

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