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Public Safety March 13, 2014 at 5:35 pm

Beware of Scam


This is embarrassing because I should have known better but…. A 50-55 year old weathered face, 5’5″ light-skinned man without an accent, wearing work clothes, including a wool hat and red/tan scarf came to our door (Keefer Pl) saying that he was working on our neighbors construction project and noticed that our gutters needed clearing out and screens (which they do) and he and his “Mexican guys working up on the roof” could take care of that for us for $45+tip. He looked at our backyard, he supposedly phoned the guys on the roof, said that he preferred cash to the check we offered. And I gave him the $$ before confirming the job was done. He said he had to go pick up his grandkids and would be back to bring by a biz card cuz “He wanted our business.” Needless to say, no clean gutters, no biz card, no come back, no $$. Made a couple of rookie mistakes but willing to embarrass myself if keeps others from having the same problem. Local police “notebooked” it (i.e., civil case is out of their jurisdiction as this was not robbery but a “breach of contract.”)

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Well, I was quite naïve (sp) myself coming to DC from western mqass, and got ripped off for years, now after vtwenty plus years residency here, I am difficult to fool. Rule number one, don’t give money to strangers, really that is ridiculous, ha. What a DC resident would say to a stranger knocking on their door should have been much closer to calling the police. period.

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