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Topic: Best spot for casual bite to eat near E St Cinema?

Food and Dining August 2, 2012 at 4:52 pm

Best spot for casual bite to eat near E St Cinema?

This is always a quandary for me. Aside from Ella’s, what are some options  for a low-hassle, pre-movie bite to eat near E St Cinema? Someplace casual, not too expensive, and a vegetarian-friendly option or two would be ideal. I understand that we’re talking downtown/Penn Quarter, so it’s possible that this doesn’t exist, but I’m wondering if there are any options I’m unaware of… Where do YOU like to go for an easy meal before or after a movie? Thanks!

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Have you tried Paul Bakery? They may not always be open during movie-going time, but their food is delicious. I’d also recommend Teaism or Merzi.

Have you tried District of Pi? They have great pizzas, beer, and plenty of vegetarian options. 

Central  – not expensive, quick and casual; Harry’s – SUPER casual – but quick service and decent food;
the French place across from Ford’s Theatre – usually prixe-fix options; Qdoba right next door – super casual; Cosi across the street- super casual, Chef Geoff’s (although I’m not a fan – some ppl like it), Elephant and Castle – Bar; there are lots of options – you’ll find something

I’m partial to the bar area of Austin Grill, in Penn Quarter; not certain about any veg. choices, however; they’re staff are pleasant, courteous, and I’ve routinely done their happy hour and find the prices very reasonable as well as the quality is definetely good!

Chinatown express is just 6 blocks or so; super-cheap delicious homemade noodles!


Ollies, just a few blocks over is the original 5 guys.

Asia Nine on E St has reasonably good sushi and Thai food, and I occassionally see groupon-like deals offered for it.  Someone mentioned Chef Geoff’s – they have a good, cheap happy hour, and a “Bacon Bar” menu which I am a fan of!

Teaism — over in Penn Quarter

When we go cheap, we go to Kanlaya, a Thai place that used to be super cheap and fast but is now a little pricier and slower, or Urfa Tomato, a kabob and falafael joint with killer fries. Both are on 6th between H and G.
Living Social has a pop-up restuarant every so often in their space in the 900 block of F, and while I’ve never tried anything there, the menus always look interesting.
There is a Cal Tort on 7th between H and G. Plus two Potbelly’s in the area.
And we’ve heard good things about District of Pi and Fuel Pizza and Wings, but haven’t tried them yet.
For Chinese places, I find Eat First to be better for vegetarians than Full Kee and Chinatown Express, though the meat-eaters love the latter two.

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