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Best place to buy a new mattress in the DC area?


After 5+ years I am looking to buy a new mattress in the DC area. Can anyone recommend a place with decent prices/selection? I think I will go “try out” mattresses up in Columbia Heights but from what I hear they don’t have many good sales there.

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I have used Macy’s twice to buy matresses (yes, I have bought 2 mattresses since Hecht’s closed).  Macy’s has lots of “sales” and the prices can vary online or in-store so pay attention to what promotions or coupons are in the paper for the week (If you read  the Post, I am sure you have seen lots of matress sale ads from Macys).  Have always been very pleased with their delivery services.  You can go try out matresses at lunch if you work downtown and then either go back in person or buy online depending on the price/deal.


I took a risk and bought a mattress online from overstock and I love that thing.  Overstock has (or had at least) really good prices and extremely cheap delivery (like 1 or 2 dollars).  You can always test drive the mattress at a store and then order online.  


We are about to order one from Mattress Discounters (on Park, right off of 14th)–the service is great, the prices seem right, and the quality seems good.  We were about to get one from Room and Board but actually think the mattress we want at Mattress Discounters is better quality and a better deal overall.  Plus, I’ve heard that they do negotiate – we’re planning to try it, especially with the delivery fee.

A few years ago a friend insisted that I buy an IKEA foam mattress.  They come rolled up so small you can easily fit it in a compact car.  I was way hesitant (I had a W Hotel Mattress before that, which was $$$ and not so great).  I wound up getting the 2d most expensive one along with the 2d most expensive mattress topper.  It is far and away the best, most comfortable mattress I have ever had. I put them in my weekend house and my guests always ask what kind of mattress it is.  They are actually not that cheap – it will run you maybe 900 bucks all in for a queen – but they are very durable and comfy.  (It’s basically the same thing as the much pricier Sonno mattress sold at DWR.  You can google that if you want to know more about foam). 

I also bought fron the Mattress Discounters at 14th and Park. I looked at Macy’s and Sleepy’s too. I found beds I kind of liked at all three, but I narrowed it down to Macy’s and Mattress Discounters b/c Sleepy’s was going to charge what I thought to be a lot for delivery and take away. I ended up liking the mattress at MD better than Macy’s, so that is why I went with them. But had it been even, I would have bought from MD anyway for a few reasons. First, their customer service was better. I went to each place several times. At Macy’s, there either wasn’t anyone there to help you at all, or they didn’t provide much guidance and just sat there and stared as you tried out the bed. Creepy. At MD, they asked me what I liked, had me try a few and give them thoughts, then steered me to a couple in each price category that I might like. Then they left me alone to try. They were there to answer questions if I needed, but they didn’t stare as I was lying on the mattresses. Second, MD was willing to match the price of the bed I liked at Macy’s. Third, if there is a close tie between two places, I’ll opt for the one in my neighborhood (even if it is a chain) over a chain in another neighborhood. But, I would say that you need to really like the bed. If you find one you like leaps and bounds over the others, go with it no matter where you buy it from.

I bought mine from the Mattress Warehouse on Pentagon Row and didn’t have any problems, but in retrospect I probably should have bought from Macy’s because from what I understand if a mattress turns out to be defective then Macy’s will let you return it (I’ve heard they have a fairly lenient return policy) whereas the Mattress chain stores have a pretty strict no-return policy, even if it is clearly defective.

I purchased a 3″ latex mattress from ebay. Ebay sounded pretty sketchy to me at first, but it was a great choice in the end. I didn’t want to deal with a mattress salesman, and didn’t want to overpay for something I would most likely be disappointed in. Trying out a mattress at a store is useless. A mattress is a personal purchase, it is different for everybody. For $270, and several good reviews (aside from ebay reviews), I thought it was worth the risk. It was one of the best purchases I made. Latex is not supposed to wear out like memory foam, and can last a very long time. Another benefit is that you can fold it up and get it into a small car (I’ve moved 3 times with it). The ebay user is mattress247. My ebay id is arsk3121… i’m not affiliated with the seller, other than the purchase I made that was awesome.
Some downsides… it is a little more awkward to handle than a regular mattress because it is much less stiff (you can’t stand it up on it’s side). I assume most people would buy a much thicker mattress, and the price will naturally go up, but i’ve been happy with the depth of mine. 

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