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Food and Dining April 11, 2013 at 12:13 pm

Best DC Restaurants North of, Say, Hamilton?

We live in 16th Street Heights but don’t know many restaurants north of say, Fusion and Moroni (one of our favorites).
Has anyone been to any place north of about Hamilton Street they like?
I’m thinking in DC – we know that Silver Spring and Takoma Park exist, but we’re thinking in-town.

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Cheap? Expensive?
My first thoughts:
Chez Aunty Libe for west African food:
There’s a Haydee’s up that way too.


Oh, and on Kennedy St, not far off Georgia, Taqueria Distrito Federal II:
And if you don’t mind takeout only, I love Andrene’s on Kennedy and 3rd. (Website is useless and annoying and plays music):
Crown Bakery is good too:
Have you tried Masai Mara yet? I haven’t, but I do love Kenyan food.

I highly recommend Nile Ethiopian Restaurant at Georgia & Blair.  It is right at the DC / Silver Spring border, about 2.5 miles north of Moroni Bros.  They have an excellent menu, reasonable prices, the best Ethiopian food I’ve had around here, and a nice casual atmosphere (spotlessly clean but not fancy). It is easy to miss, as it is in an ugly gray brick building, adjacent to Nile Market, and you enter the restaurant from the side, so you are unlikely to notice it unless you are looking for it.  They obviously have lots of good meat offerings (vegetarian options are sometimes kind of sparse at Ethiopian restaurants around here), but my vegetarian friends have been very pleased with their vegetarian offerings. 
For carryout, Teddy’s Roti Shop on Georgia (between Fern & Geranium) is also excellent.  The thing they’re known for is the Dhalpourie. 

Tony’s Place on Kennedy St is great for breakfast, and also feels like stepping into a time capsule from the 1960s. Also one of the few places left in DC where you can sit down and get a hearty breakfast for two under $20. 
Lil GT Cafe is a West Indian spot between Jefferson and Ingraham on Georgia that is pretty good as well, and the owner is lovely to chat with while she prepares your oxtail or curried goat.

I really like Masai Mora–the new Kenyan/Tanzanian place that opened up on Georgia between Kennedy and Jefferson.  I’d never had Kenyan food before and wanted to try it, but was a little nervous the flavors would seem too unfamiliar the first time to be appealing.   I asked them for recommendations.  I’m usually a slow eater, but there wasn’t a speck of food left on my plate after maybe 5 minutes (and I’m a vegetarian). My husband really liked what he ordered too.  Also, the people who work there are super nice.
If you want good stuff to go, I like Healthy Eats.  Think they’ve been trying to get a little counter in there so one or two people can sit and eat for practically a year, but the DC govt has been horribly unhelpful and resistant.  (Why are they so darn difficult over silly things with small businesses?  I digress…)  But that’s probably not the type of proper sitdown restaurant you’re thinking of.
I’m also a fan of Taqueria Distrito Federal 2 on Kennedy.  The decor is definitely lacking, but the food is great if you want good authentic Mexican food.
Also, there’s supposed to be a place opening on 14th & Kennedy in the old cleaners with all the big windows, perfect for a restaurant or cafe.  Hat Check Shop. I wish they’d work a little faster.  Fingers crossed!

Oh, and how could I forget.  Chocolate Crust is great.  It’s not a formal dinner sit down place at all.  You order at the counter and grab a seat, if one’s available (sadly, there isn’t much seating available).  But the food (both pastries and normal savory food) is great.

healthy bites on 5329 Georgia Ave NW is a good place too. They have take out and delivery of organic foods. They serve breakfast too

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