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Home and Garden October 26, 2014 at 9:55 pm

Best composter for town house??

Can anyone recommend a non-worm composter for a DC rowhouse with a typical post-card sized backyard? My husband (surprisingly) would rather try his hand at composting rather than pay for a service. Any related recommendations also appreciated. Thanks!

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Worms need some TLC but best for small spaces. Don’t bother with the small tumblers they are a waste of money. Composting can be done in many ways with many rates of success. Do you wanna just make something worth using to mulch around shrubs or are you growing something more intensive like veggies. Really good composting needs at minimum 4’x4’x8′ space. It’s the volume that allows the biology to happen. But you can just do a chicken wire bin and layer kitchen scraps and leaves to get it to at least resemble compost. But then you got rats to worry about. And they are picky eaters. They aren’t going for the food, unless you put fresh food and/or bacon grease in there, but a warm nest. Look at vermiculture again. I’ve been doing it for years both inside and out. Does take effort but what a great product.

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