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Home and Garden June 26, 2012 at 8:36 pm

Best choice on bundled phone and internet?

I’m moving into a new house and planning on getting a land line for the first time in a long time. I don’t need TV because I pretty much stick with streaming stuff on the internet, not very often and on one computer at a time. So I’m looking for a medium speedy internet + basic phone package, that’s reliable and not very expensive. Verizon and Comcast really seem to push you into pricey bundles that include TV–does anyone have recommendations on a company or package to go with to cover just the services I need? How fast is fast enough internet service?

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We have DSL and a basic land line.  Sadly, it’s Verizon, but it generally works really well.

I have the 7-15mbps DSL & Freedom Essentials voice bundle from Verizon.  $54.99/mo.  You *never* get the full speed but my speed is consistently about 10mbps.  That’s fast enough to stream Netflix HD and there are NO usage limits (caps) on the DSL.  The max speed available at your address depends on what the central office supports, port availability, and the condition of the wiring between the CO and your home.  I’ve had DSL for 12 years now and am overall satisfied…it is generally stable and reliable, but not going to impress anyone with the speed (unless they’re in the sticks with only dialup).  You should also check if FiOS is available at your location…it’s appearing around town.
I dumped Comcast 3 years ago because my TV-only service hit $125/mo and they refused to let me change to a bundle that would have cost less.  Also, Comcast caps service at 250gb/mo and has said they are charging for overages (not sure if they are in the DC market yet).  That’s roughly 10 movies. They charge more if you don’t have TV service with them.

The DC Public Service Commissions maintains monthly reports of telecom providers and rates.

Holy crap, thebear, you get  7-15mbps? Service to me maxes out at 1.5, which means 1, which means terrible. But, since Comcast won’t service my address (long story), that’s who I’m stuck with.
But, OP, I guess if you need a landline, you may want to go with Verizon. If you can get RCN, I’ve heard that’s way better than Comcast.


 I have Verizon FIOS (14th and Webster NW) and like it fine. I’m not savvy enough about “7-15mbps” or whatever that means so I can’t be helpful there.


I have Comcast phone and voice.  I pay about $75 a month for (I think) 16/4.  It actually tests much faster than that – around 30/6 – but I think they cheat at speed tests.  That’s with their lowest phone service, which is really crippled.  It doesn’t even have voice mail. I really only have it for my alarm, though.
Also, they got rid of the bandwidth caps.

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