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Food and Dining July 13, 2012 at 12:07 pm

Best casual dining in Penn Quarter?

I’m taking my special someone to dinner and a movie tonight at E St. Cinema, but I’m not sure where to go for dinner. There are a ton of choices, but nearly all of them seem to be of the square plates, small portion, $12 cocktail variety. Is there a good place to go for a beer and dinner that’s casual and (somewhat) quiet?

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Autsin Grill is ok, but is generally isn’t quiet.

oops, Austin.

Best hidden Gem is Bistro D’Oc on 10th st across from Ford’s Theatre. Call and set a reservation for upstairs, they’re pretty accomodating, and its quiet and a really nice date spot. The beauty of it is that it’s hidden in plain view because everything else around it is tourist trap central. Here’s the website, but keep in mind they normally have something like 20 specials every night as well.

Definitely second Bistro D’Oc. Pi is great and not usually a crazy wait. Matchbox is good and there’s always Clyde’s. A little further away, but Sixth Engine at 4th and Mass is new, casual, has great drinks and a nice patio.

Luke’s Lobster and Poste are two of my favorites.

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