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Travel and Transportation March 2, 2013 at 12:44 pm

best anti-vehicle theft measures?

I’m moving from a house over a mile away from the Friendship Heights metro with a private driveway to a house that is 3 blocks from Woodley Park (close to the zoo) where I’ll be parking on the street. There have been a fair number of reports of car break-ins on the neighborhood listserv. I drive a 21-year-old, kind of crappy looking car, but it probably is one of the easier ones to steal. I guess my biggest issue is having to deal with broken windows. What do you think would be a better way of preventing this (I don’t plan to leave anything of value in my car), unlocked doors + club, or locking my doors? Or something else I haven’t thought of? 

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I have never tried leaving my car unlocked, but I tried having absolutely nothing visible in my car and my window was still smashed so the perp could rifle through my glove compartment. So I now leave nothing in my car AND always make sure my glove and console compartments are open so anyone walking by can really see that there is actually nothing in there. But sometimes these things just all come down to luck. 

I drive a 1989 Honda Accord Hatchback. My family member who lives with me has a 1995 Honda Civic and he’s had problems with kids breaking in, but not being able to steal, his car because of his club. He also uses a metal bar that attaches to the gas pedal (don’t know what its called but you can get them at the auto supply stores). I’ve always, always used a steering wheel club. It’s the best deterrent when it comes to kids stealing cars for joyriding. The only time I had my car window smashed (I have dedicated parking attached to my house in the alley in Columbia Heights) was when I got lazy and stopped putting the club on it. But I would parrot the other comment, don’t leave ANYTHING in the car and make sure you lock your steering wheel with a club.

I know this sounds weird but I keep a hat on the top of my passenger car seat (and sometimes on the driver’s side) and it makes it look like someone is sitting in the car.  It startles me sometimes….just a thought.  Plus I keep my car messy so it looks like there’s nothing worth to steal…

The Club is the only anti-theft device I’ve found to work. You just have to make sure you have it on right. 

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