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Topic: Bedbugs in a Unit I'm set to Rent – To Move or Not To Move?

Real Estate August 20, 2013 at 9:37 pm

Bedbugs in a Unit I'm set to Rent – To Move or Not To Move?

Hi Popville,

Looking for some advice on an apartment. I recently signed the lease but found out from the current tenant and then the management company that there is a bedbug problem – so they’ve delayed the move in for 14 days (so now I’m homeless for 2 weeks) , and are setting up 2 days for treatments. My friends in DC who have had bedbugs said its no big deal, however people I know in various other places have noted it can be a huge problem. This particular unit is in the Petworth area off of 13th Street and is an apartment building with 26 units. Checking online I’ve seen there haven’t been any problems reported for the past few years, but I am just concerned. I’ve had landlord issues in my current house and am looking to move somewhere to stay for a significant amount of time. Should I be deterred in moving to a place with bedbugs or is the management’s supposed responsiveness a bonus?

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DO NOT MOVE IN!!! I had bedbugs, and honestly i would not wish them upon my worst enemy. Not everyone has a reaction to their bite, i did not. so you could move in, have them and never know it. They had to come from somewhere, and just because no one else has reported it does not mean that they aren’t in the building. I would not take the chance if i was you. Best of luck!

Don’t move in. Sorry but having dealt with bedbugs in a previous house they do NOT go away easily and there is no guarantee. Once you are there you are stuck with them should they return. That means the bedbugs go into your belongings, furniture, clothes, etc. And there is never any guarantee that they go away.

Seriously, just don’t move in. Sucks but that is the way it needs to be.

I’d stay away if I were you.
The only host of the bedbugs is a human, You.
There is a bedbug site/registry and not just for hotels but for apts. and rental buildings :

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