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Real Estate March 28, 2012 at 11:37 am

Bed Bug Question

I am thinking about moving into a building at 12th and N.  I loved it.
Then today noticed that as recently as August of 2010, residents reported bed bugs.
Does anybody have any suggestions of what I should do?
I obviously don’t want bed bugs, but loved the place, and hope that since bed bugs haven’t been reported for a year and a half, that maybe they’re gone.  I do know that the building has been renovated within the past year.
Please help.

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I live in that building for over a year now, in two different apartments. I haven’t had bed bug issues in either, but they did spray recently in my apartment as a preventative measure.
I didn’t do this, but I would ask what the building is doing to prevent bedbugs and if there have been any issues recently, especially in the apt you are interested in. I don’t know what (if anything) they are obligated to tell you, but it’s worth a shot.

Thanks a lot, I just talked to the lady at the front desk about it and she assured me there aren’t any problems (for what it’s worth, I trust her).

One thing to keep in mind is that the bed bug registry is only as good as people who are reporting. It could be that the people who reported in 2010 moved out and no one has thought to report since. The property manager is not bound my law here (like they are in NYC) to report bedbug history to prospective tenants and managers know that bedbug rumors fly fast and can totally kill a building’s rentability. So, take what she said with a huge grain of salt… talk to some of the other residents (in the same floor as the unit you’re looking at). This is a huge risk you’re taking – if you move in and do have bedbugs it’s not just a matter of moving out. You can take them with you.
Personally I wouldn’t take the risk.

Not sure which building at 12th and N you are talking about but a friend of mine lives in the big apt. building at the corner of 12th and N and he had bed bugs.  Long story short they moved him to another unit but did not solve the issue which was coming from another unit about him.

Yeah, I’m talking about the Mondrian, which I believe is the only building at 12 and N.  This stinks, it was such a great apartment.

I’ve lived in the upper floor of the Mondrian for two years now, and the bedbugs here only seem to bother people who complain on the internet about them.

Like Scotth, I am considering moving to the Mondrian but after reading these posts I am a little scared that the problem is still there. Does anyone know if there are current cases of bed bugs infestation in that building?

Hi there. I’m now in the same predicament 🙁 Loved the apartment at the Mondrian, but am scared about the bed bug situation. Haven’t seen any updates since July 2013…. masdc, did you end up moving in?


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