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General Discussion June 4, 2016 at 9:04 pm

Basic parking question


Hoping someone can help out a temporary car owner with a very stupid/basic question about street parking in the city. Searched the forum but seems no one else had the same level of ignorance.

If there’s a street with no parking signs whatsoever, except the ones at the end of the block saying “no parking beyond this point,” can anyone park there indefinitely? Or is there an unspoken but ticketable rule about residents-only or street cleaning or anything else?

Any advice here is much appreciated.

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Hello. For those streets with no “residential” parking signs, anyone can park there for up to 30 days, that’s how long you have to convert your out of state license/car tags etc to a DC license/car tags if you haven’t already done so. Most if not all streets have some sort of street cleaning from March to October, so please adhere to those signs when parking, i.e. if the street you’re parked on has street cleaning on Mondays from 9:30a-11:30a, make sure to move your car during that time. You may get towed or ticketed if not. Hope that helps!

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