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Barn-style door installation

I want to add a barn door to the den in my new condo (where there is currently just a curtain). Has anyone done this? Is there someone I can hire to do this for me? Thanks!

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I think if you get the hardware any handyman could do it.

(By the way, I’m obsessed with this concept

I don’t have any ideas as far as installers go but I once lived in a studio apartment with a sliding barn door to separate the sleeping area..I LOVED it. You wont regret it.

Check out Sandtown Millworks in Baltimore. I don’t know if they install but I’d guess either they install or know an installer.  They make these doors (and many other great things) out of materials reclaimed from Baltimore row houses. Website (link to facebook page for pictures):

We are doing almost the exact same thing – we got a salvage church door at Community Forklift. We are also getting our hardware at We’re getting our door refinished at a place in Silver Spring – would be happy to share that if you are interested. We are getting it installed by our contractor who is doing the whole basement so that’s probably overkill for your needs – I would recommend a handyman.

We had barn doors installed in our kitchen a little over a year ago.  The contractor who did the rest of our installations (appliances, cabinets, etc.) also installed the doors.  I don’t think you need a specialized installer.  Our doors were custom fabricated to fit our space from the reclaimed wood of a barn in PA.

We had installed barn doors between kitchen and dining room a month ago. We had done this with help of window choice. You can consult them The door provides attractive appearance for the kitchen.

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