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Recreation and Sports June 26, 2012 at 11:53 am

Banneker Pool Regulations?

Dear PoPville,
This Sunday, we tried to get into Banneker Pool at around 3pm.  The line outside to get in was about 30 people long – lots of children waiting in the hot sun as well as adults – most people had been waiting 20 mins or more.  The other people in line said that the line was because the pool was limiting the occupancy.  However, I looked at the pool and and the pool deck, and didn’t think it was that crowded (i’d seen it worse).  I checked the Dept of Parks and Rec, and they don’t mention capacity limits.  Any idea why the line, and why now?  Have any others experienced a line, and at what times? Just wondering when the less crowded times will be, considering I thought at 3:00pm would be fine. Thanks! 

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Short answer: DPR is messed up.
Longer answer: I had the same experience. Turns out they were checking IDs very slowly. Someone from out of state wanted to pay, so they held up the entire line while they figured out how to accept credit cards. Then they held up the line to debate with pool patrons whether their attire was cotton or not and hence whether they were permitted. This such a huge problem that I don’t go to Banneker anymore despite it being the closest pool to me.
Another problem: “adult swim”. For 15 minutes of every hour (actually more) they kick kids out of the pool and make them wait in the baking sun for no reason. They even kick them out of hte kiddie pool for adult swim. They don’t explain this policy to the kids, so the kids wonder why adults need to swim in the kiddie pool (which of course they don’t so it sits there empty).

Nope. Those are all problems with the pool and how it is run but not why people were in line Saturday. Granted the line moves slower when people don’t have IDs ready or are using alternate means of ID. When I was there Saturday the line was because the pool was at capacity. The girl at the door was counting people coming out and only letting that many people in. I’m presuming that they actually do have a set number of people they can let in and while the pool itself was not crowded, if the people they let in all decided to swim, the lifeguards would be at the limit of what they could handle. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t add a few lifeguards and open up the entire pool but there weren’t even chairs to sit on. 

Banneker used to be a great pool to go to. Plenty of room to put down your towel while you jumped in. There were also lots of kids in the pool. This year in particular its filled with a bunch of yuppies who don’t even get in the pool. If you aren’t going to get in, why go to the pool? Go to the park. And, here’s a bonus, there is one nearby at 15th St. Its called Meridian Hill. The sun’s rays will still reach you there. Its frustrating and sad to see the kids standing in line waiting to get in to their community pool while there are adults just sitting/laying on the pool deck. Its hip and cool to hang out in the park too. Stop using the swimming pool as a lounge area – you are ruining it.

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