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Music August 21, 2012 at 9:44 am

Band rehearsal studios?

Looking for an affordable band rehearsal studio, hopefully in D.C. Even better would be if they had drum/amp equipment on premises (who wants to trudge drums and amps around town?). Anybody out there found an awesome way to make music?

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Have you looked on Craig’s list?  Studio Braat is one of the options listed in recent days…..


Check out One World Studios, near 9th and N NW.
They have drums and amps.  For the drums, you need to bring a snare and cymbals.  

We’ve been playing at One World, but it’s a just a smidge little pricey and adding up. Just hoping somebody knows of something better.
Haven’t had much luck getting in touch with Studio Braat.


There’s a rehearsal space at 14th and Decatur, between Highlands and the new Ruff and Ready.  I haven’t used it myself, but got curious when I saw people moving band equipment in and out.  It doesn’t have a sign, but I’d imagine either place could tell you how to get in touch.

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