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Public Safety July 19, 2012 at 2:20 pm

Band fundraiser at Cardozo?

Does anyone know if there is currently a summer band fundraiser going on for Cardozo High School students? A young man has been canvassing the residential neighbhorhood around 17th and U street asking for money, claiming it is for a band fundraiser. His behavior was odd, so I didn’t donate, although I did call the school to clarify. Of course, they haven’t actually returned my call (I assumed there would be at least a few administrators there over the summer).
Anyway – if so, I’d love to help them out. I felt a bit badly for not doing so initially, but I’ve heard this claim is a common scam technique and wanted to be sure. And, if there geuninely is not a fundraiser, I thought I’d point it out to the community so that people are aware.

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A “young” man has come by our place twice with this story.  He looks to be about 30.  Always wants to shake my hand before delivering his rehearsed pitch.  No part of me believes he’s legit.

Thanks. I also thought that he seemed a bit old to be a high school student, but it was night and I didn’t open the door for him, so I couldn’t be 100% sure.

Usually a scam.  In case, if it is something I would normally donate to, I’ll ask the name of the kid’s band director (or coach, or whatever), then the kid’s name and promise to donate directly to the school in the kid’s name.  If it is legit, they’ll give you the info.  If it isn’t, they’ll leave. 

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