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Local News May 30, 2012 at 11:27 pm

Bad fire on N street Tuesday night

Please see this message from ANC Commissioner Nigro looking for help for a family in our community who suffered a bad fire.

Good Evening Everyone,

A family from the 400 block of N St had a terrible fire last night.  Fortunately no one was hurt. A large portion of the upstairs was completely ruined.  I am seeking clothing donations from the community for the residents.  Please e-mail me directly if you would like to donate.  I will be very happy to pick up the donation.  Sizes needed are as follows:

The 12-year-old female 6th grader lost all of her clothes, shoes, She needs khaki pants for school uniform size 12/14 womens. Large/XL tops/shirts size 14/16. Size 7.5/8 shoes.

The adult male needs XL shirts and 36/38 X 34 pants.

The adult female needs sizes 16/18 and XL clothes

Undergarments needed for all three.

Thank you for any assistance you can give!


Rachelle P. Nigro
Commissioner, ANC 2C04
Tel: 202-670-1732


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