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Public Safety October 17, 2014 at 4:40 pm

Attempted Home Invasion in Takoma

Hi All–

Just wanted to let my Takoma and Takoma Park neighbors know of a frightening experience that happened around 2pm today. I live on the ground level in a nice condo building right next to the Takoma Metro Station on Cedar St. near Evolve Restaurant and My Little Bistro. Around 2pm today I heard a noise coming from my slightly open (open just enough for the cat to smell the fresh air) window in the living room. When I approached my window I saw a man with a knife trying to enter my apartment through the window screen that he had slashed. Luckily by screaming and slamming the window closed he was scared off and ran away. I called the police and filed a report but they weren’t able to find him. I just wanted to pass this along to alert neighbors to be vigilant and to keep their windows closed and locked at all times. The police let me know that these type of burglaries/home invasions have been happening more often in the Takoma/Takoma Park neighborhood, particularly during the day time.

Has this happened to anyone else in our neighborhood?


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