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Public Safety July 30, 2012 at 10:06 am

Attempted Grand Theft Auto in NE

On Thursday night (early Friday morning), my car (parked at the corner of 9th and Maryland Ave NE) was broken into and completely destroyed. The thieves were trying to steal the car by hot wiring it, so they took out my ignition. When they couldn’t Hotwire it, they cut all the wires and stole everything from inside instead. They got into the car by breaking the key lock on my driver side door. They stole my radio, work badge, and tools, among other little things.

I asked a couple neighbors and apparently this happens a lot on Maryland Ave. When I filed the police report, the cop was completely unhelpful and didn’t even seem to care. He said I had “contaminated the crime scene” by being in my own car before realizing it had been broken into. So he said he would not “waste his own time” dusting for fingerprints.

The only advice I was given was to get a club to act as a deterrent for crime. Any other advice? (And no, I can’t get rid of my car.)

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Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. It doesn’t sound like there was much you could have done to have prevented it from happening. Were you parked on 9th or on Maryland itself? I can see why a car thief would choose Maryland Ave– it’s easy to speed out of the city from there.
Anyway, I think it’s good to post stories like these in the local listservs (newhilleast and capitolhilldc) so at least people can keep thier eyes peeled for suspicious activities. 

I have no helpful response, but on Saturday evening my husband and I came across a beautiful S550 Mercedes with all the wheels high jacked, on 9th St by K St NE (we reported it and heard nothing back).  Maybe the same guys?  Our neighbors have also had their Acura stolen twice since they’ve lived here (about 8 years), and they use a club.  Summer = crime 🙁   

I’m surprised it happened on Maryland itself since it’s a pretty busy street, though I suppose maybe not at all hours.  Anyways, I guess I’m maybe more disheartened than anything since I generally feel safer walking down Maryland from H Street than walking west on H then south through the neighborhood.

Why would your being in the car before realizing that the car had been broken into keep them from dusting for prints? Wouldn’t your prints be in the car since it’s your car? Some DC police officers are so comical to me.

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