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Recreation and Sports August 5, 2013 at 12:03 pm

Archery laws in DC?


A friend recently expressed interest in archery and wants me to teach him. I’ve not brought my bow into the city because I was unsure about whether there were rules about either ownership of bows and arrows, rules on how you can carry said bow, or where one could actually use it(parks are probably a no go, but what about on private property?) Does anyone have any guidance about this?

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Have you looked into local archery ranges? I am not certain, but I imagine due to the close property lines, shooting in your backyard is probably discouraged. I have my bow with me in town, but I don’t have anywhere to shoot it yet, either.

Rock Creek Park might have a rec center with facilities, ask the Park Service, I’d say. They have a stables, of all things.

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