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Sports and Fitness November 28, 2012 at 1:30 pm

Archery and tanning in the DC area

I’m a very-beginning archer, and since moving to DC I’ve lost a lot of what meager ability I had. I really want to start practicing again, but am loath to use an outdoor range. Does anyone know of an indoor range that’s accessible to someone who relies on Metro? My main option right now is Ft. Belvoir, but are there any in or nearer the city itself? Maybe they’re newer and are therefore harder to find. 🙂 
Among other things I’m also interested in learning to skin and tan. Has anyone had experience with (relatively nearby) wilderness survival-type classes or programs, or anything of the like?

Thanks in advance for any info!

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Here’s a decent resource ( I personally use the Adelphi location, unfortunately I haven’t tried/am aware of any indoor ranges.
As far as skinning/tanning, I’m not sure about that. Are you an aspiring hunter in the area?

Skinning and Tanning isn’t that difficult – disposing of the remains (guts, etc) if you’re not going to cook them, must be done properly in DC.  I personally recommend the SAS Survival Guide – they have excellent instructions.  i also recommend NOT doing it on your own property as it can be quite messy and the flies are atrocious – although you might fare better with that now in the Winter.  Good luck.
ps – start with a rabbit, they are easier than squirrels

Sorry I didn’t respond back when (doing so now in the off chance anyone searches here for similar info)! Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I have since moved to a place with a bigger backyard which enables me to practice. I did check out Adelphi once, but getting to any of these ranges is tough without a car. Maybe I’ll start doing carshare. On both the notes of wilderness/survival and archery, next month I’m going to a place in Vermont ( to build a bow and arrows! Very excited to learn some woodworking by hand.

I picked up a tanning kit from Van Dyke’s and it’s worked well. I’ve gotten a little more practice on some found squirrels, and have recently been introducing my cat to raw food, which gives me a great reason to get whole prey ( so there are my rabbits! Watching the Brain Scoop ( has totally helped get me over the hurdle of squeamishness, so next I’m going to try brain tanning and then learn more about using black walnut and oak. As far as hunting, I feel like too much of an outsider to even get started in any way, but now that I’m getting a better handle on skinning and butchering I feel a little more permitted to keep working towards getting there.

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